Kamis, 17 Januari 2013

Ways To Conceive A Baby Boy

Are there any natural techniques which can help people to choose the gender of their baby? A technique which can provide them with the ways to conceive a baby boy or a girl, without making them to spend thousands of dollars on expensive and dangerous artificial methods like artificial insemination?

Steve has been recently blessed with the fourth baby girl in his family. He is not a happy man as he never wanted such a big family. He only wished to have one boy and a girl, but not having been able to conceive a baby boy forced him to attempt for the fourth time. These days it is not important for you to depend on destiny to choose the gender of your baby, even if you don't want to spend a dime on it. As you carefully read each word of this article you will learn about a revolutionary new discovery which will allow you to learn different ways to conceive a baby boy.

 People should not feel bad if they want a baby of specific gender, it is absolutely normal. Just imagine, wouldn't it be amazing, if you get complete control of this scenario and conceive a baby boy you always wanted in your first attempt? It has been proved that around 95% accuracy can be achieved if some specific gender selection methods are followed seriously. The best part is that these techniques are hundred percent natural and can be followed at home by making few changes here and there.

Now, it is very important for you to understand the following concept very carefully: Sperms of a male consist of girl sperms called as chromosomes x and boy sperms called as chromosomes y. If the ovum (female's egg) gets fertilized with the chromosome y, then the mother will get pregnant with a baby boy, and if chromosomes x gets to fertilize the egg, a baby girl will be conceived. Hence, all the tips that we will discuss further will be focused towards one logic -to make the chromosome y to fertilize the female egg.

Hence, following tips can be used to solve the purpose:

1) Timing: Having an intercourse on the day you ovulate or one day after will increase the chances of you conceiving a baby boy. If you do an intercourse earlier, then the chromosomes y will not be able to survive for long. Till the time the female egg gets ready to be fertilized, chromosome y responsible for conception of a boy child will die off and as a result, girl child will be conceived.

2) Eating alkaline food: An acidic environment in woman's body will make it difficult for chromosomes y to survive which are weak in nature. Therefore, if you reduce on food items which make your body acidic and focus on food items which are more alkaline, then possibility of chromosomes y fertilizing the egg are higher. Lemon, onions, cabbage, garlic, olive oil can help you in achieving a better alkaline level in your body.

3) Penetration level: A deep penetration will ensure that chromosomes x have less path to travel towards its destination. As chromosomes y have a shorter life and are weak, the deep penetration will increase the chances of conceiving a baby boy.
By: mikeb123